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PENCIL DRAWING - Thiru U. Sagayam.I.A.S

                         PENCIL DRAWING 

        தினம் ஒரு ஓவியம் வரைவோம் - 14-09-2015

                Thiru U. Sagayam.I.A.S 

Ubagarampillai Sagayam (உபகாரம்பிள்ளை சகாயம்; born 3 July 1962[1]), usually referred to as U. Sagayam, is a civil servant in the state of Tamil Nadu in southern India, noted for his anti-corruption activities.
Sagayam, whose office door bears a sign reading "Reject bribes, hold your head high" (in Tamil, Lanjam thavirtthu,nenjam nimirtthu; லஞ்சம் தவிர்த்து நெஞ்சம் நிமிர்த்து), has repeatedly antagonized influential politicians and their supporters in Tamil Nadu.[2] In 2011, he was appointed to oversee state elections in the Madurai district; his strict enforcement of the laws against vote-buying played a role in the change of state government. Beginning in 2012, his investigation of complaints of illegal granite-mining in the Madurai area led to charges against a number of politicians and businesses, including a mining company founded by a scion of one of Madurai's most influential political families.

Sagayam's efforts to eliminate corruption have led to his being transferred over 20 times in his two decades of public service. They have also won him a reputation for probity; in the words of a DNA correspondent, "[T]he common man's collector has become the hero of the local folklore".[3]

U. Sagayam.I.A.S

U. Sagayam.I.A.S

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